New Wave Volleyball Club Handbook

Welcome to New Wave Volleyball Club. The club directors is Jeri Helfer, who began New Wave in 2000 to give volleyball players in the area a competitive club program in which to participate. This is the eighth season for our club, which has grown and become stronger every year.

New Wave Volleyball Club competes in the Ohio Valley Region, which boasts the largest enrollment of players, adult and juniors, in the nation; including over 15,000 junior members! Is New Wave a place where only college bound athletes compete? Absolutely not! Learning a life long sport, making friends from a host of different schools, and having fun is often the reason a young girl will get into volleyball. We are proud of the number of girls from New Wave who have gone on to play at the intercollegiate level, some having received college scholarships. We are equally proud of the athletes who go on to college and play volleyball recreationally and just for fun. We strive to develop the athlete not only as a player but also as a person, learning life long skills such as teamwork and interpersonal skills, the ability to handle pressure situations and to effectively use goal setting to accomplish anything.

What it Takes for Success

Many athletes have been exposed to volleyball for the first time in the past few years and want to enhance their skills to move up on the school teams. JO volleyball is an excellent way to do that. Much of an athlete's advancement and improvement is still up to the individual. Athletic talent, size, speed, good work habits, and commitment are all necessary for top success as an elite player. Players from beginners to seasoned veterans, who have a sincere desire and commitment to improve, will probably do well in a Junior Olympic volleyball program.

The New Wave Web Site

We will use our club's web site for communications with our teams. Updates for both practice and tournament schedules, information about future camps/clinics, and online pre-registration for players in the future will all be handled through the web site. Contacting coaches and directors can also be done through the site via e-mail.

Parent Representatives

Each team will have a volunteer representative who serves as the liaison between the coach and the parents. Listed below are the responsibilities for the Parent Rep. If you are interested in serving as the parent rep for your daughter's team, please let your coach know.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Acts as a liaison between the coach and the player's parents. Communicates regularly with the coach and informs the team of practice, tournament schedule changes and any other information that need to be disseminated to the team.

  2. Prepares a team roster for all parents with names of players and parents, addresses, phone numbers, school affiliations and any other pertinent information. When travel begins, car phone numbers are great to have.

  3. Assists in making travel arrangements for overnight tournaments. Assists coach in distributing tournament information to team. Coordinates hotel accommodations with other parent reps traveling to the same tournaments. Often times a parent rep will ask another parent to assist with making hotel arrangements.

  4. If volunteers are needed for locally hosted tournaments, the parent rep will help recruit parents from their team to assist.

  5. The parent rep is not an assistant coach and is not involved in any coaching decisions regarding line-ups, playing time, etc.

Some Rules and Regulations

New Wave Volleyball Club abides by all USA Volleyball and Ohio High School Athletic Associations. Some of these rules are:


This year we evaluated over one hundred athletes during tryouts. Athletes were tested with some physical tests, jump test, sprints, etc. Next they were evaluated on skill execution. They were assessed on their ability to pass, set, serve, and hit. They are also watched during a game situation for other traits such as: Coachability, willingness to be a team player, athletic ability and potential to be a volleyball player, work ethic, drive, competitiveness, and current skill level.

After tryouts the coaching staff got together to determine which girls were to be offered a contract with New Wave Volleyball Club assigning players to the appropriate teams and the appropriate level.

Returning Players

Returning athletes must attend tryouts each season to compete for a position with New Wave Volleyball Club. If an athlete cannot participate for medical reasons they should contact either club director Jeri Helfer. For future tryouts on-line pre-registration will be required through the web site.

Multi-Sport Athletes

If athletes participate in more than one sport during the club season we request they provide New Wave with a schedule of their other sports contests and practices. New Wave will make every effort to schedule around school sponsored sporting events, however if the athlete will miss a significant number of tournaments (more than one) and practices (4 or more). The athlete may want to reconsider participation in our program. If a game for another sport conflicts with a New Wave practice the athlete will be excused from the New Wave practice. Conflicts between another sports scheduled event and a New Wave tournament on the same day will be handled on a case-by-case situation between the athlete and the New Wave coach and/or directors if needed.

Club Fees

New Wave works on an extremely tight budget and is still one of the lowest priced clubs in the region. The fees for New Wave Volleyball Club are $575 per player per season. This includes a $125 deposit within 10 days of acceptance of an offer, then $225 due by January 15, and the final $225 due by February 15. These are deadlines, and earlier payments are appreciated and are helpful with meeting our club's expenses. If payment is late, your child may lose her spot with New Wave Volleyball Club. All club fees are non-refundable because the costs of registration with the Ohio Valley Region, uniforms, balls, coaching fees, and tournament entry fees are non-refundable to the program.

Playing Time

We do not guarantee equal playing time on any team or at any event.

Once tryouts are over, playing time is decided by the coaches. You must understand that substitution and position restrictions cause it to be impossible for playing time to be equal among players.

The club philosophy is as follows: The club fees are buying the athlete: registration, uniforms, balls, coaching fees, tournament entry fees, practice times and instruction.

14 and under: Playing time at tournaments is more equitable since they play at the younger level and coaches will try to get all players into some games throughout the day. It does not guarantee a player will play, or others will not. That is at the discretion of the coaches.

16 and under: Playing time is less equitable and is determined more by players' output and success in practice. Coaches will try to get as many players as possible into games throughout the day. Again there is no guarantee of playing time at tournaments, and it is the coaches' discretion.

18 and under: Playing time is determined solely on output at practices and there is no guarantee coaches will try to get all the players into the tournament. Playing time is the sole discretion of the coaches.

Rules and Regulations

  1. All athletes are expected to behave in a responsible manner.

  2. An athlete with a delinquent account during the current season may be denied the ability to participate in practices or events until the account is paid in full.

  3. In case of bad weather the coach or someone from a phone chain will call your home to notify of cancellations, also the web site will be a primary source of information.

  4. We strongly encourage athletes who make a New Wave Volleyball Club team to take their participation seriously. When they miss a practice or a tournament they affect the entire team. Once they are a member of a team their participation is expected.

  5. Coaches determine if their practices are open or closed.

  6. All athletes are expected to be in the gym, ready to warm-up, at the scheduled arrival time.

  7. Attendance at practice may affect playing time, at the coaches' discretion.

  8. Proper conduct is expected by all members of the club, this includes athletes, parents and supporters.

  9. It is also expected for all members of the club to be courteous and respectful of other clubs' parents and supporters.

  10. Athletes/Parents are expected to provide transportation to all tournament sites. New Wave Volleyball Club does not allow our athletes to drive to tournament sites.

  11. Athletes will not be allowed to leave the tournament sites until excused by the coach.

  12. Athletes may not leave a tournament site until all officiating assignments are complete. Every player is required to stay until the entire team can leave. Do not ask the coach if you can leave early.

Grievance Procedure

Competitive athletics by its very nature will not allow all people involved to be happy at all times.

In the case there is a grievance please know when and how to resolve the discrepancy. In most cases grievances will involve playing time. In those situations it is not appropriate to approach coaches on tournament days to discuss playing time or coaching decisions. If a parents wants to discuss furthering opportunities for their daughter's playing time, they should call the coach at home and schedule a time to meet with them usually directly following or prior to a practice, never on tournament days. Coaches have been instructed to walk away from situations where parents are asking a coach to defend a coaching decision, coaches and directors will not participate in discussions of coaching decisions.

In the event you or your child has a grievance you should:

  1. The athlete should speak with the coach about the problem. If this does not resolve the situation then,

  2. The parent should make an appointment with the coach for a meeting (not on a tournament day) with the athlete present. Some conflicts arise when there is a miss- communication from the coach to the player to the parent. Having the player present may help resolve the matter easier. If this does not solve the conflict then,

  3. A meeting with the coach, player and parent, and club director may be needed.

In regards to complaints: Parents are asked to refrain from negative comments around your daughter and other athletes. Young players are vulnerable and if they hear complaining about the coach, the coaches style, or Club policies, this can have an adverse effect on their performance and/or attitude. If you, as a parent, are unhappy about something, you should follow the grievance policy to resolve the matter. Repetitive complaining to the athlete's or other third parties (other parents/supporters) that interferes with the club's efforts to pursue it's purpose of providing a competitive environment for girls in our area to play volleyball, may be cause for the club to ask a member to resign.

Contacting New Wave VBC

Contact Jeri Helfer, Director of New Wave Volleyball Club, at 740‑404‑5446 or